Should A Root Canal Be Done By A Specialist?

If you have a persistent toothache, sensitivity to hot or cold, pain when chewing, or swollen gums, call Dr. Julian Moiseiwitsch and Dr. Naghmeh Latifi at D.C. Endodontics in Washington, DC.

Why Use A Specialist For a Root Canal?

Root canals are part of a branch of dentistry called endodontics. This kind of treatment targets the inside of the tooth, focusing on the health and restoration of the soft tissue, the pulp, and its blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue.

Dr. Moiseiwitsch and Dr. Latifi have received advanced, specialty training on conditions affecting the inside of the tooth. They are trained in both non-surgical and surgical procedures to treat painful conditions and restore teeth to look good and stand strong for years to come.

Dentists without a specialty in endodontics, while they can perform standard root canals perfectly well, aren’t equipped to handle every kind of endodontic treatment. Even skilled and qualified dentists often refer patients to endodontic dentists for the best-case scenario for their dental health and future.

What Happens During a Root Canal?

For infected and abscessed teeth, disinfection and cleaning must extend to the inside of the tooth to halt rotting and inflammation. 

Your root canal specialist in Washington, DC will begin by drilling holes in the top of the tooth. Through these holes, they will clean the pulp of infection and decay, then reshape the inside of the tooth. Afterward, your endodontic dentist may fill the holes in the top like a normal cavity or use a crown to give the tooth more protection.

Some of your teeth have more complex root canal symptoms, especially with molars or premolars. To clear the tooth of all infections, every canal must be cleaned, and sometimes these teeth have canals that are harder to detect, are more difficult to clean, or are obstructed. A root canal specialist is more qualified to handle complex treatment like this.

To learn more about what a root canal specialist can do for you, call (202) 364-0234 D.C. Endodontics in Washington, DC to schedule an appointment with Dr. Moiseiwitsch and Dr. Latifi.

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