Seeking Help for Your Child’s Knocked-Out Tooth

Has your child recently suffered an injury that resulted in injured or knocked-out teeth? Dental assistance is available for you. If you are a parent dealing with children's facial trauma in Washington, DC, visit DC Endodontics today. Dr. Julian Moiseiwitsch and Dr. Naghmeh Latifi are endodontist specialists who can help with pediatric dental injuries.

What Is an Endodontist?

An endodontist is a dentist that specializes in all the inner activities of our teeth and performs root canals. This type of dentist also deals with traumatic facial and dental injuries. They also perform surgery for dental implants. If you experience any injury to a tooth, you will most likely see or be referred to an endodontist.

How Can an Endodontist Help With Children's Facial Trauma?

Children often deal with all sorts of injuries or accidents. Some of these accidents may injure your child’s mouth, teeth, or face. If one of your kids lost a tooth during a fall from a bike in Washington, DC, children’s facial trauma treatment at DC Endodontics will provide compassionate care.

During rough play or sports, your child may dislodge, chip, or worse - completely knock a tooth out. Dr. Moiseiwitsch and Dr. Latifi will try to save the injured tooth if possible. Our office can also provide emergency dental care as injuries can happen at any time. We may be able to preserve and replant a knocked-out tooth if you act quickly by saving the tooth in non-fat milk. 

According to Boston Children’s Hospital, falls and blunt objects are the most common causes of facial fractures in children.

Seeing your child hurt is hard for any parent. A child losing a tooth is especially traumatic. Luckily, professional care is available to help your child or teen suffering from children’s facial trauma in Washington, DC. Don’t hesitate to call DC Endodontics at (202) 364-0234. Dr. Moiseiwitsch and Dr. Latifi are here to help immediately.

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