The Basics on Root Resorption Repair

In kids, root resorption is expected since it causes the baby teeth roots to come out and make way for permanent teeth. Root resorption in adults, however, is a serious dental problem since it causes the body to eat away at its own cells, resulting in the deterioration of the tooth structure.

With this in mind, this condition must be treated as early as possible to help prevent further damage since the effects could be extremely quick. Here at DC Endodontics in Washington, D.C., one of our dentists, Dr. Gael Delany, Dr. Julian Moiseiwitsch, or Naghmeh Latifi can diagnose root resorption and treat it promptly with dental surgery.

The Effects of Untreated Root Resorption

Root resorption commonly affects the bottom first molars and upper front teeth. The thing is, the problem could go unnoticed for quite some time and usually only shows up as a distinctive dark spot on x-ray. It’s likewise immensely crucial to note that the longer root resorption goes unaddressed, the more damage it could wreak. As more damage occurs, deterioration of the root also occurs rapidly.

In addition, keep in mind that saving the affected tooth might not always be possible and that the specific dental surgery procedure your dentist in Washington, D.C. may suggest will significantly depend on the severity of the resorption.

Treating Root Resorption

If the resorption is small, there’s a chance that your dentist could possibly expose it using simple gum surgery to remove tissue cells that are causing damage. Next, your dentist will repair the area.

During the procedure, the tooth would be moved outward gradually from your jawbone, moving gum tissue along with it so that new bone can develop behind. Following the procedure, the gum line contours will line up properly, preventing gum recession.

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