Reasons You May Need a Root Canal

Has your tooth been extremely sensitive recently? Have you tried all home remedies and OTC pain relievers to try and get rid of persistent tooth pain? If so, you might need root canal therapy. Knowing the signs that might indicate you need a root canal is vital since the sooner you undergo treatment, the higher the chances of saving your tooth.

Here at DC Endodontics, our root canal specialists, Dr. Gael Delany, Dr. Julian Moiseiwitsch, or Dr. Naghmeh Latifi, can check out what’s happening with your tooth in our Washington, D.C. office and recommend proper treatment for it. Prompt treatment will likewise save you a lot of pain and discomfort, money, and time. With this in mind, here are signs that may indicate trouble with a tooth:

Tooth Sensitivity

This is among the earliest indications that something’s wrong with a tooth. Most individuals have experienced tooth sensitivity to some degree, and this usually occurs during aging as a consequence of the tooth enamel becoming thinner and weaker. Your teeth may likewise become more sensitive when you brush them too roughly or if you’re eating tons of sugary or acidic foods. But while sensitivity is normal, experiencing shooting or sharp pains related to sensitivity is not, so this warrants an evaluation by your dentist.

Severe Tooth Pain

Failing to get sensitivity addressed might progress into severe tooth pain. Severe tooth pain or ache could be excruciatingly painful. It could occur when touching or biting down on the affected tooth, but the pain could also be constant and nagging. While tooth pain isn’t always indicative of the need for a root canal, if you have no noticeable signs of cavities or other tooth damage, it might indicate an infection inside the tooth that would require root canal therapy from your root canal specialist in Washington, D.C.

Swollen Gums

Gums can also be affected by a tooth infection so you may notice the gum surrounding the infection tooth looking red and swollen. Gum swelling from an infected tooth is localized, unlike in gum disease where the infection affects all your gums.

Tooth Discoloration

An infected tooth that requires root canal therapy will become discolored as the pulp inside gradually dies.

A Gum Pimple

If you see a pimple on the gum closest to the affected, this is a telltale sign that infection has set in. This is usually a result of bacteria accumulating underneath the gums tissue, which is a sign that the infection is starting to spread beyond your tooth pulp.

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