When Is Root Canal Therapy Needed?

Root canal therapy is needed when the pain from the infected pulp inside the tooth causes bothersome pain. This specific cause of dental pain won't go away without endodontic intervention. Thankfully, the endodontists at DC Endodontics in Washington, DC, can perform this procedure in a pain-free and anxiety-free way. Talk to Dr. Julian Moiseiwitsch, Dr. Nina Latifi, and Dr. Delany today to learn more.

Universal Indicators it's Time for a Root Canal

If you have one or more of these symptoms, you likely need to start a conversation with a root canal specialist in Washington, DC, like those at DC Endodontics in Washington, DC. The doctors will be able to determine via a dental examination if the symptoms have a different cause. If they do have another reason, there is a chance you won't need a root canal procedure.

Typically, these indicators involve unusually sharp and distracting pain in the mouth, jaw, or cheek areas. Cold or hot foods may now cause severe and intense pain that won't readily disappear, where that was not the case before. The pain may feel like a quick stab but then turn to a hard, dull ache that radiates outward.

Gum swelling around the affected tooth may get worse, and there may be tenderness or a warm feeling in the jaw or cheek closest to the tooth in question. While a person is trying to manage these symptoms, they may find they have worse-than-normal breath. Chewing may become extremely difficult.

Different levels of pain will be felt differently at various times. In all cases, the pain will eventually only get worse. Don't make the mistake of waiting to seek out a root canal specialist in Washington, DC, until you've been woken from dead sleep due to extreme mouth pain.

The Root Canal Procedure

When you come in for the procedure, the doctor already knows which tooth or teeth are infected. You're given different types of anesthesia to be more comfortable throughout the process. The doctor removes the infected pulp, cleans and disinfects the area, and then packs it with safe dental material, maintaining your comfort at all times. Once complete, your tooth is sealed, and you can go home. The pain you had prior due to the infection is gone!

If you're concerned about the pain in your mouth, seek out a root canal specialist in Washington, DC, by contacting DC Endodontics in Washington, DC, at 202-364-0234 for an appointment today with Dr. Julian Moiseiwitsch, Dr. Nina Latifi, or Dr. Delany

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