How a Root Canal Can Relieve Pain

If you're dealing with the pain of tooth decay, your Washington, DC, root canal specialist at DC Endodontics might save you from having a painful tooth extraction through a root canal treatment.

Conditions That a Root Canal Procedure Treat 

Tooth decay and tooth infections are the two major conditions that your dentist might treat with a root canal procedure.

At the center of your hard tooth lies a soft spot containing blood vessels, nerves, and other soft tissue. When the infection spreads to your tooth pulp, you might experience severe pain that interferes with chewing and talking.

As the infection progresses, an abscess could develop around your affected tooth.

If you have a tooth cavity, you might also experience other symptoms such as tooth sensitivity, color change, and bad breath.

Root Canal Procedure 

To begin your root canal, your root canal specialist in Washington, DC, at DC Endodontics first needs to examine your tooth.

They follow up the exam with an X-ray that lets them assess the degree of your tooth damage.

Your endodontist will numb your affected tooth with an anesthetic to help you relax during your procedure.

They drill an access hole into your tooth. To remove the debris and bacteria inside your tooth, your endodontist will introduce series of root canal files into your tooth through the access hole.

This instrument lets them remove residue within your tooth. Your root canal specialist would flush your tooth periodically with water or sodium hypochlorite to clear debris as they work their way into your tooth.

After successful removal of the remnant within your tooth, your dentist might proceed to treat any residual infection before filling your tooth.

Your endodontist will cover the treated tooth with tooth-colored sealer paste or dental crown so that you can use it again.

Dental Care After Root Canal 

You might experience some pain and sensitivity after your procedure which you could handle with over-the-counter pain medication.

Now that your teeth function has been restored, you shouldn't slack off at your oral hygiene. Brush two times each day and floss daily to protect your teeth.

If you're experiencing a toothache, you might want to schedule an appointment with your root canal specialist in Washington, DC, at DC Endodontics by calling (202) 364-0234.

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